Knowing About Electric Fireplace and Some Really Important Tips about Them

We all know that a fireplace is something that provides us plenty of relief during the harsh winter days. The warmth offered by the fireplace really soothes us to the inner core of our heart. A decade ago, fireplaces were mostly the conventional ones, comprising of woods and a chimney. However, in the present time, things have changed, and now we have the electric fireplace. Quite obviously, the rising cost of wood and environmental concerns gave birth to the electrical form of fireplace.

There are some different elements present in the electrical form of fireplace, such as a mirror, an LED light, etc. The rolling mirror is used for producing a fire-like effect. Considering the fact that the electrical fireplace does not require to be heated in order to create that soothing look, therefore it becomes possible to use the same even in the month of August, when you don’t actually need the warmth of a fireplace.


Types Of Electric Fireplace
With the passage of time, new features are being added to these modern fireplaces, such as remote controls, thermostats, etc. With such features, it becomes easier to operate the system. So, what are the types of power based fireplace available in the market? You can choose from traditional, transitional, and modern styles, and it certainly depends on your budget as well as on the décor of your home.

  • These fireplaces are also available as fireplace inserts. It means that if your home already had a conventional fireplace, but you no more use it, in that case you can consider the space for installing an electrical form of fireplace.
  • Media stands and traditional mantels are the other options available in the market. The media stands are quite efficient because they can easily conceal the media components, thus offering a better look to your home.
  • Electrically powered fireplace also come in the form of wall hanging units. For a modern look, you can go for this sort of fireplace, and the installation is also quite easy. Just like an LED television, you can wall-mount the fireplace as well.


The Working Of Electric Fireplace
So, how does an electric fireplace works? Well there are mainly two types of mechanisms available in this case. They are-

  • Forced fan: In this system, you will find a silent fan which is used for blowing over extremely hot coils. As a result, the hot air that comes out of the fireplace makes the surrounding warm and cozy.
  •  Infrared quartz: Like the name suggests, this system is a based on the power of infrared light. The infrared light is powerful enough to warm up things as it touches them. So, when a person sitting in front of the fireplace comes in contact with the infrared light, he/she feels the warmth, but in a comfortable way. These lights do not cause any kind of side effect on the human body. For this reason, this form of electrically powered fireplaces is more popular among the residential users.


Quick Tips On Electric Fireplace Safety

  • Since the external parts or the body these fireplaces becomes too hot when switched on, therefore keep your children and pets away from them.
  • Keep combustible elements like clothes, furniture, curtains, etc. at least a meter away from the fireplace in order to avoid chance of fire.
  • In order to prevent the blockage of vents, both intake and discharge, keep the fireplace in a proper area.
  • Do not insert anything inside the fireplace that may catch fire or cause damage to the fireplace.
  • Always call the certified experts or professionals in case of any kind of malfunction, or you smell anything burning.