Clothing and Accessories that Double as Home Decor

Just because you couldn’t afford those fancy house and land packages of your dreams doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style in the place you’ve made your home in now. Clothing and accessories can bring out features on your body, but did you know that they could be used to bring out the features in your house as well?


You know that big, comfy jumper that seems to be a staple in your winter wardrobe; the one that seems to be draped across your couch and/or armchair whenever it’s not on your body? The neat-freak inside you may scream at you to pick it up and put it back in your wardrobe where it belongs, but your messier side may be onto something…you could use that jumper to replace throw blankets. When you’re not wearing it, just arrange it nicely over your couch, and make sure to hide the sleeves so it’s less obvious you’re using a piece from your wardrobe. A bonus is that you have a jumper available in the living room whenever you need it. This appropriation can be applied to any item of clothing – a scarf, or a handkerchief, for example.

Jewellery tree

A jewellery tree is an object with lots of arms or holes for hanging which is used to hold earrings or necklaces. Typically, it is shaped like a tree, although there are ones that look like little dress dummies or an abstract object with many arms for which to hang things off of. They can look quite charming on their own, almost like a piece of modern art, so you could use it as a decorative piece as-is, or actually hang your jewellry on it to create a contemporary masterpiece of your own. This could also work quite nicely with tie racks. Now your favourite accessories can dress up your house a little, too!

Dressmaker’s mannequin

We all know that clothing is a work of art, and art should not be hidden away in a closet. Put your favourite outfit on display by getting your hands on a dressmaker’s mannequin and dressing it up in your living room. It will certainly make for an interesting conversation piece, and you can change the outfit according to what’s in style that season.

Shelve it

If you’ve got a rather large and fancy handbag or shoe collection, why not celebrate it by putting it on display? Shelves aren’t only for books and ceramic trinkets – put your shoes, handbags, or any other accessory on a shelf for everyone to marvel at. Try to get your hands on a shelf with lots of box compartments, that way, you can put one accessory in each compartment, and it makes your collection look much neater.

Whether you live in New York, or are still on the lookout for house and land packages (Ellenbrook or LA), you can make the most of your clothing and accessories by doubling them up as decorations for your home as well. What are some other ways you can give your clothing and accessories new life? Get creative!

Bio: Sarah paige is an interior designer based in Perth, and has a studio in Whiteman Edge. She loves fashion and accessorising, and particularly enjoys when her two passions are able to merge together.