Essential Gardening Jobs To Carry Out In Autumn

The summer blooms might be fading fast but your gardening tasks are far from over. Autumn can be a mixture of mild sunny days interspersed with storms so it makes sense to make hay while the sun shines and complete autumn chores whenever your have the chance.

Hedging Your Bets

Autumn is ideal for planting new hedges or shrubberies as the soil will still be warm and moist enough to encourage healthy root systems to develop. For best results clear away old plant debris and weeds before forking over the border. Work in a large bag of compost to improve the soil and provide just the right amount of nutrients for the new plants. Hedging can be planted in a single or staggered double row depending on the density you require. When you have firmed in the plants and watered the area add a thick layer of bark chips to preserve moisture during dry spells and protect the tender new plants from the frosts of winter.

New Paths For Old

As your garden begins to die down for winter it provides you with an opportunity to review your plot’s hard landscaping. Cracked or uneven pathways can be hazardous particularly in the icy winter months so now is an ideal time to replace them. There is a greater choice than ever for new paths but first consider the design and potential maintenance involved. Slabs in a range of attractive colours such as mellow gold or pink are available in all shapes and sizes. Block paving in warm red or chestnut tones can give any plot a stylish look. Crazy paving is economic and looks quaint. But remember that slabs with a larger surface area will reduce the amount of weeding you will have to do. Straight paths are practical but curved paths will provide extra interest.

Enlivening Tired Borders

Small edging borders, particularly around the perimeters of front gardens can be troublesome with not enough room for plants but ample space for versatile weeds. Cut down on maintenance and keep you garden looking smart with a generous layer of gravel or slates. An economic option in a range of attractive colours to complement the exterior of your property, gravel can transform your plot in a matter of an hour or two.

Pastures New

Laying a lawn is another task for the mild autumn months. The remnants of summer warmth in the soil combined with autumn rain will allow the turf to establish a strong network of interconnecting roots. Prepare the soil first by raking level and removing as many stones as possible. Ideally, turf should be laid within a day of being delivered so it’s important to get your timing right and order it from a company that will deliver promptly. Lay the strips of turf in a staggered brickwork fashion. Tread down firmly and water well.

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