Popular Styles for Home Decorating

There are lots of decorating styles in home decorating. How to pick out the one you favored? Melody home introduces you several popular styles in home decorating.

Modern Chinese style decorating
More and more people love this kind of novel decorating style. It not only shows the aesthetics connotation of Chinese traditional culture, but also perfectly integrates in modern lives, which is another advanced home decorating requirements of modern men. The Chinese style is not the rigid model any more. It combined the bright and fresh feeling of modern style, which shows the whole

Room Unique and Splendid.
The character for the modern Chinese style: the wall normally use white emulsion varnish or light color wallpaper. For the floors, it usually adopts wood or stone material tiles and carpet. While the decorative material focus on wood material. It stresses carving and colored drawing, which is very elegant. Every work has a beautiful story and makes you miss the past and yarn for the future. For the space, it stresses the layering feeling. You should try to use the partition window and screen to separate the space as well as the primitive and plain patterns by carving. On the soft decoration, you may adopt the articles with strong national color such as calligraphy, antique.

The European American Style Decorating
It is the predigested European home decorating style, which is the most popular type for villa decorating. Its main character is practical and diverse. The furniture of bed, bookcase, and cabinet are different from others, which create a unique feeling for your home. If you are the kind of people who pursue fashion, you may consider this kind of decorating style.

Popular Styles for Home Decorating

The Mediterranean Style Decorating
This style is a typical example for ocean style decorating, which is famous for its strong Mediterranean humanistic amorous feeling as well as the regional features. It is the style with humanistic spirit as well as art feeling. Based on the ocean blue color, it expresses the romantic feeling. You can imagine that you get back home after a busy day, closing your eyes and floating in the blue ocean. How wonderful it is! This is the first choice for the young people who pursue romantic.

The Pastoral Style Decorating
The main character are the light green wall, woody fence, woody ceiling, vaulted Puerto and corridor, retro flooring, small flower wallpaper as well as fabric sofa.

To Conclude
L bet you get some understanding to the home decorating styles. Home is the peaceful harbor and the safe harbor that we can rely on. Therefore, you have to think over before make a decision for your home decorating.