Funky Kids Bedroom Furniture

Funky kid’s bedroom furniture needn’t be hard to find, if you are looking for furniture that is a little bit different to usual children’s bedroom furniture. What makes it funky? Well it could be the shape of the furniture, maybe the function. There are some great funky children’s beds available now, from beds personalised with your child’s name, to beds with footballs and football shirts on them, and a brilliant range of storage beds that give your child a raised area to sleep on – while freeing up the space below for furniture or playing.


Funky kid’s bedroom furniture can also be down to the design and colours used, such as the Smartie Pants range from Ollie and Leila, here the oversized and brightly coloured handles give this children’s bedroom furniture a deliciously funky look, whilst keeping the functionality of traditional bedroom furniture pieces that is so important in a kid’s bedroom.

Kids Bedroom Furniture


You will find countless funky themes to choose from in the children’s furniture market, especially when it comes to the choice of beds. The wide range of styles includes themes such as football, hearts and petals. You could choose something that complements the existing décor, or go for something totally different. If the items in the room at present match, and you are only replacing a single item, it would be best to keep the current furnishings in mind and select something in a similar style. Adding a new piece of furniture will give your child’s bedroom a new look, and sometimes it can even give the room totally a different atmosphere.

Choosing Wisely

As always when looking for furniture, you must properly measure the space you have available. There is nothing worse than buying what you think is the perfect piece of furniture, only to discover that it is too large for the room. Going prepared with the exact measurements of your bedroom can help to avoid such disappointment.

Another thing to bear in mind from the start is your budget; ensuring you do not overspend should be your utmost concern. However, you needn’t worry about getting the quality furniture you want – no matter how much you are able to spend, there are some amazing pieces out there, and you are sure to find some funky furniture that your child will love at an affordable price!

Matching Furniture

The Smartie Pants collection of funky kid’s bedroom furniture offers different sized wardrobes, full size hanging and 2 combination wardrobes, offering drawers as well as hanging space. Complement these with a chest of drawers – the large combination chest offering the greatest selection of the “Smartie” handles, giving it the best funky feel.  Maybe add a bookcase or a desk, the perfect place for your child to do their homework, and finally a bed. The Smartie Pants bed allows you to personalise it by adding your child’s name on the headboard in the bright pillar box red colour; if your need extra storage in your funky kid’s bedroom, then add in an underbed drawer, or maybe a truckle bed, great for sleepovers!

What could be nicer than crisp white furniture with brightly coloured accents, it’s just perfect for Funky kid’s bedroom furniture!