How Does Interior Design Affect your Mood and Productivity?

In order to be creative and productive, you need to construct a fun and soothing workspace or atmosphere. In short, you want to want to go to your office. Therefore, you’ll need to fashion a space that is not only comforting, but one that also speaks to your personality.

It’s All About Color

Believe it or not, the color you choose for the four walls that make up your office is very important. You want to create an inspiring atmosphere that will motivate you to do great work.

First, consider using different colors that relax you. Soothing colors could be different hues of green or blue, as these tones usually generate a beach feel, resulting in relaxation.

Interior Design

Earth tones work, as well. Colors you could explore could be Baked Terra Cotta or Suntan bronze. If you don’t have a view from your office, then you might find earth tones particularly helpful, as these colors are used to help bring you closer to the earth.

One idea you might encompass when decorating, is to use more than one color. For instances, you could paint three walls one color, and perhaps accent or stencil a favorite design on the fourth wall. You don’t have to stop at the walls, either. Considering painting the trim of the walls and even the ceiling. Having a colorful workspace is believed to help keep your mind alert and creative throughout the day.

Some Colors Should Be Avoided

Though color is important when decorating your office, there are certain tones you should try to avoid. For instances, stay away from neon colors. You don’t want anything too bright or over the top that could result in a headache. Though it’s great to be creative, you still need to be able to stay focused on work tasks.

It’s also noted that you should avoid dark colors. Dark colors, specifically black, could create a depressing feeling. You don’t want to be depressed when walking into your office. It’s important to create a place where you want to be, and not a place where you are feeling forced to be.

Ambient Lighting

The way you decide to light your office is just as important as choosing the paint for the walls. The idea of ambient lighting not only creates a soothing atmosphere, but can also be achieved inexpensively.

You can apply ambient lighting techniques to your desk or keyboard. All you’ll need is LED rope lights. The supplies are rather cheap and even come with tension clips to help secure your lights around your desk, computer, or other pieces of furniture.

Other simple ways to decorate your office that could potentially inspire you could include adding personal decorations or portraits to the walls, placing fun or unique furniture pieces throughout the room i.e. end tables, chairs, etc., and more.

When decorating your space, it’s important to choose colors, furniture, and types of lighting that will not only inspire you to be creative, but different factors that will also put you in a soothing, productive mood. Appropriately fashioning your office is important, so that you can delivery quality work.

This is a guest post by freelance writer and occasional guest blogger Kate Simmons for Acrylicize. Kate usually covers tech, design and home improvement-related topics, and she is a great enthusiast of inspiring workspaces and creative interior design.