A Rug? Out Of That?

Wall to wall carpets in a home are becoming less common. You might rent your home, and so the floor coverings are largely out of your control, but many people who own their homes are opting for the clean, natural and yet vaguely sterile look of wooden floorboards. Sometimes this can be hugely expensive, but if you’re lucky, you can just pull up the carpeting and find you’ve had beautiful floorboards under there all along, with a  previous owner deciding that the floor would look better with some bright green carpet. So you buff and polish those floorboards and make your home immaculate. Of course, future owners might decide that they want carpet, and so the floorboards will go into hibernation under a woollen cover for a decade or two. An entirely wooden floor can look lovely, but it’s not 100% practical. Sometimes a rug or two is needed for style as well as comfort, since nobody wants to lie on a hardwood floor and watch TV. There are countless different choices when it comes to buying rugs, but most of them are made of wool or synthetic materials. Perhaps you want something different? Maybe you need to think about all the weird and wonderful things a rug can be made from.

Under The Sea

While purchasing a rug made from alternative sources can often be a style based choice, there’s also an environmental factor. A portion of traditional wool and the entirety of a synthetic rug are made with petroleum-based products, so a huge amount of pollution is created by making a rug or carpet. An easy and inexpensive way to avoid this is to look for a rug made from seagrass, which has usually been refined to look and feel totally unlike any kind of grass, and can be durable as well as stylish.

Wear It, Then Walk On It

While it’s more of an elaborate home craft type of project, it’s possible to crochet a rug made from old tee shirts and underpants. If you attempt this vast project, you’ll end up with an entirely unique patchwork rug that literally doesn’t exist anywhere else. You need to avoid using thicker materials such as jeans and sweaters, as only thin cotton and cotton mixes can be used, or else the rug won’t hold together.

Drink It, Then Walk On It

Perhaps better suited to hallways and outdoor areas, there are also a number of rugs made entirely of recycled plastic, usually from discarded soda bottles, meaning that the coke you drank last year could now be under your feet. These rugs are more practical than stylish, as they look just like a synthetic rug and are best used to prevent slipping.

On Your Head, Then Under Your Feet

While we have no qualms about wearing or walking on products made from animal fleece or hair, we can also perhaps look a little closer to home: our own heads. Considering your average human grows more than a foot of hair in a year, there are a lot of options for it, instead of just leaving it on the hairdresser’s floor. While not yet commercially available, it is possible to make a hard wearing, rather beautiful rug from human hair, as Texas based artist Frances Bagley demonstrated when he unveiled a rug made from human hair, braided together into a continuous 644 feet strip. Hopefully all the donors washed their hair first and were free from dandruff.

OK, so you might not like the idea of walking around on your old underpants or someone else’s hair, but there are certainly a lot of alternatives out there when it comes to having a unique and stylish covering for your floor.

This is a guest post by George Watts, a part-time guest-blogger. His interests include Home Improvement and Finance. He is constantly extending his fields of interest to incorporate news suggested to him by his readers. He suggests you have a look at these guys for Shaving Kits.