Is A Commercial Plumber Better Than A Residential Plumber?

Should I Hire A Residential Or Commercial Plumber?

During its lifetime, no home or business will escape the need for service for its plumbing at some point. From stubborn clogs to major re-installation of pipes or systems, plumbing service professionals play a crucial role in the health and maintenance of all dwellings and structures which utilize plumbing. Knowing which type of service provider you need, whether residential or commercial, is the first step in fixing your plumbing problem.

Is a Residential Or Commercial Plumber Best?

There are a few differences between residential and commercial plumbing. Some of these differences are slight and some plumbing professionals specialize in both residential and commercial service. Both residential and commercial plumbers must consider these details when servicing a home or business:

System Requirements

  • System Requirements

Pipe Complexity and Design

  • Pipe Complexity and Design

Sewer and Gas Lines

  • Sewer and Gas Lines

Repairs To Wall and Flooring

  • Repairs To Wall and Flooring

Boilers, Water Heaters, and Electrical Lines

  • Boilers, Water Heaters, and Electrical Lines

Most residential plumbing services respond during off-hours or after hours. Those who are employed by commercial industry may be “on-call” and must respond within a certain period of time to the emergencies in their buildings. However, plumbing professionals in general are known to always be on alert for those emergencies after normal business hours and are willing to respond.

High-rise dwellings, whether commercial or residential, have their own complexities which single-family homes and small businesses may not. In these types of buildings, there is not only strict code requirements and a more complex system to work with, the plumbing professional must be knowledgeable in areas such as:

Fire Code Regulations

  • Fire Code Regulations

Water pressure and Drainage Zone Issues

  • Water pressure and Drainage Zone Issues

Minimum and Maximum Pressure Speculations

  • Minimum and Maximum Pressure Speculations

Booster Pump Sizing

  • Booster Pump Sizing

Valves and Pipe Ratings

  • Valves and Pipe Ratings

Some common types of pipes used in home plumbing are copper, PVC, and chrome copper. Businesses can utilize copper, galvanized steel, and PVC. PEX piping, which is a flexible plastic piping, is also increasingly used in both residential and business environments and plumbing professionals will be familiar with all types of piping.

How Do I Know Which Kind Of Plumber I Need?

When people ask the question of whether a residential or commercial plumber is better, they are really asking if the plumber they call will be able to fix their plumbing problem. Both residential and commercial plumbers can fix your plumbing problem and if they are also a commercial plumbing service, can perform maintenance, repairs, and installations of plumbing systems.

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